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Indonesia’s Fragile Festival of Democracy (New York Review of Books, 2019)
Indonesia’s Queer Panic (London Review of Books, 2019)
Why Religion Mattered in Indonesia’s Presidential Election (Foreign Policy, 2019)
Saudi Arabia Is Redefining Islam for the World's Largest Muslim Nation (The Atlantic, 2017)
Revealed: The Reality of Life Working in an Ivanka Trump Clothing Factory (The Guardian, 2017)
The Muslim Overpopulation Myth That Just Won’t Die (The Atlantic, 2017)
Empowering Women to Break the Jihadi Cycle (The New York Times, 2017)
The Spice Island They Swapped for Manhattan (The Financial Times, 2017)
The Public Flogging of Two Gay Men and What it Says about Indonesia's future (The Guardian, 2017)
'They are our brothers': Rohingya refugees find rare welcome in Aceh (The Guardian, 2018)
Will Trump Bungle Obama’s Declassification Diplomacy? (The New Republic, 2017)
How Trump Is Using Bush-Era Laws to Deport Christians (The New Republic, 2017) 
Sulawesi, East of Java (The London Review of Books, 2018)
Declassified files outline US support for 1965 Indonesia massacre (The Financial Times, 2017)
For Indonesia’s Jews, Holy Days Highlight Their Precarious Lives (The Financial Times, 2018)
Islamists face uphill struggle in Indonesian Borneo (The Financial Times, 2017)
The Islamic World has a Blasphemy Problem (Foreign Policy, 2017)
The Improbable Rise and Blasphemous Fall of a Christian Politician in Indonesia (Foreign Policy, 2017)
Indonesia’s Moderate Religious Establishment is Crumbling (Foreign Policy, 2017)
The World’s Biggest Muslim Nation Is Telling Its Citizens to Shut Up About Trump (Foreign Policy, 2017)
Trump’s Indonesian Business Partner Is Knee-Deep in Dirty Politics (Foreign Policy, 2016)
Indonesia Aims To Attract More Muslim Visitors In 'Halal' Tourism Push (NPR, 2017)
The Dating App for Would-Be Polygamists: Controversial Even in Muslim Indonesia (The Daily Beast, 2017)
Indonesia protests underline threat to free speech (The Financial Times, 2017)
Indonesian police crack down on gay community (The Financial Times, 2017)
Women Still Face Abuse After Indonesia’s Ban on Migrant Work in Gulf (News Deeply, 2017)
Indonesia Revives Its Communist Ghosts (US News and World Report, 2017)
The ‘fake news’ trope is making it harder to fight state-sanctioned violence in Asia (Quartz, 2017)
How The US Came to Declassify 30,000 Pages of American Embassy in Indonesia Files (VOA, 2017)
Indonesia’s Only Transgender Islamic School Is Quietly Running Again (VOA, 2017)
Iran-Funded Center a Lifeline for Jakarta’s Marginalized Shia Minority (VOA, 2017)
Saudi Arabia Quietly Spreads its Brand of Puritanical Islam Through Indonesian Scholarships (VOA, 2017)
Jakarta Prisoners Enthusiastically Join Local Elections (VOA, 2017)
As Jakarta Sinks, Government Pins Hopes on Bird-Shaped Sea Wall (VOA, 2017)
Evicted Jakarta Residents Join Hardline Rally Against Governor (VOA, 2016)
Lives on Hold, Afghan Hazara Refugees Fight Boredom in Indonesia (VOA, 2016)
Deep Extremist Networks Underlie a ‘Lone Wolf’ Church Attacker (VOA, 2016)
Behind Jakarta Protest, Tangled Web of Money and Material Support (VOA, 2016)
Ex-Mujahideen Fighters Try to Curb IS Appeal in Indonesia (VOA, 2016)
Indonesia's Cyber Warriors Battle ISIS With Memes, Tweets And WhatsApp (HuffPost, 2016)
How the World's Largest Islamic Organization is Pushing Back Against ISIS (HuffPost, 2016) 

Note: All Financial Times stories can be found here and all Voice of America stories can be found here.


MORE international reporting

Why Bannon is Meddling with Bosnia (The New York Review of Books, 2018)
Bosnia Struggles with Return of ISIS Widows (Politico, 2018)
Malaysia and the Improbable Win of an Unlikely Alliance (The New York Review of Books, 2018)
Malaysia’s Elites Ride the People’s Tsunami (Foreign Policy, 2018)
People Power Fueled the Malaysian Election Upset (VOA, 2018)
Preaching the Peace: A Fundamentalist Cleric’s Crusade in Deep South Thailand (The Caravan, 2018)
The Coming Fight for the Soul of the Dalai Lama (Foreign Policy, 2019)
Why Low-Caste Hindus are Converting to Buddhism as a Form of Political Protest (The Atlantic, 2018)
On the Run: An Interfaith Romance Stirs Up Trouble in Ladakh (The Caravan, 2018)
Muslim-Buddhist Communal Tensions Rattle a Himalayan Region (VOA, 2018)
Indonesia Brings “Emptiness” to the Venice Architecture Biennale (The Jakarta Post, 2018)
'This is my mum': after 40 years a stolen child finally returns home to East Timor (The Guardian, 2017)
Inside the fight to save Kenya’s oldest national park (HuffPost, 2016) 
Slum Residents In Kenya Map Their Homes Because Google Can’t (HuffPost, 2016)
Mexico Finally Recognized Its Black Citizens (HuffPost, 2016) 
Mexico City’s Lucha Libre Hero Comes To Pedestrians’ Rescue (HuffPost, 2016) 



Hiking a New Mega-Trail in the Balkans (The Guardian, 2018)
Visiting Arctic Norway in the Grip of Climate Melancholia (Here, 2019)
How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Western? (LA Review of Books, 2019)
By the Time a Natural Disaster Strikes, It’s Too Late (The Outline, 2019)
Welcome to the Most Instagrammable Museum on Earth (The Outline, 2018)
The Modern Art Museum Hoping to Send Indonesian Art Global (CNN Style, 2018)
Everything Mall is New Again (LA Review of Books, 2018)
Art and Dissent in Singapore: an Interview with Seelan Palay (LA Review of Books, 2019)
A Busy Summer at Fontainebleau after Renovations (New York Times, 2013)



BBC World News (May 2018)
CBC television and radio (May 2018)
TRT World (May 2018)
BBC World Service Newshour (April 2018 and May 2018)
NPR All Things Considered (November 2017)
Democracy Now! (July 2017)
Deutsche Wells News (various)
Voice of America radio (various)


Beauty and Fashion

On the skincare con (The Outline, 2018)
On brow insanity (Teen Vogue, 2016)
On contouring’s long, streaky half-life (Vogue India, 2016)
On the uncanny valley of Asian selfie apps (Vice Motherboard, 2016)
On the limits of Korean beauty (Teen Vogue, 2016)
On the impossibility of universal shades (Vogue India, 2015) 
On the new modest Orthodox fashion (i-D, 2016) 
On Vetements and being “too avant-garde for diversity” (HuffPost, 2016)
On the athleisure lie (Vogue India, 2016) 
On Oaxaca’s cultural appropriation victory (HuffPost, 2016)
On Uniqlo’s Muslim fashion insight (HuffPost, 2016)
On royalties as a solution for cultural appropriation (HuffPost, 2016)
On Tommy Hilfiger’s RTW experiment (HuffPost, 2016)
On Bibhu Mohapatra’s literary inspiration (Vogue India, 2016)


HUFFPOST 2015-16: counterextremism, Development, & social justice

On the problem with Mother Teresa (2016)
On child porn and extremist propaganda (2016)
On the “Snapchat Imam” issuing fatwas via phone (2016)
On ISIS and Screenwriting 101 (2016)
On the inanity of many refugee apps (2016)
On raising Muslim kids in America today (two-part video series) (2016)
On the revival of an unfortunate slur (2016)
On airports’ problem with Sikhs (2016)
On closing the mysterious black-white sleep gap  (2016)
On NYC’s annual Homelessness Count (2016)
On Vijay Iyer and the model minority myth (2016)
On Iranian women’s fight against mandatory hijabs (2015)
On the strange intersection of diversity and performance (2015)
On why Muslims don’t need to “condemn” tragedies (2015)
On media’s diversity problem (2015)

All clips can be found here